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photo2photo4photo3Comprehensive Furniture Management Services
Slade is a woman-owned, 8(a), Hubzone, EDWOSB, DBE, and MBE small business with extensive expertise and a proven track record in Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS). Slade’s staff of trained professionals have been successfully planning, designing, and managing furniture installation projects. Our strengths include:
• Industry leadership in creating innovative products and services that meet your everyday needs
• LEED accredited professionals to as sure a greener future for the built environment
• Sustainable economic practices to support reduced environmental impacts for our customers and our company
• A commitment to lifelong learning and professional development so that our performance and products embrace the very best available today
• A service model that assures a single point of contact for direct support and accountability, as well as quick and responsive service.
Slade offers a wide variety of management services related to Furniture and Furnishings under Schedule 71 II K, Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS). The other furniture Schedules include services specifically related to the products covered by that Schedule, such as layout and installation.
Slade helps clients plan and manage major office upgrades or moves by providing access to professional project managers, designers, asset management systems and furniture maintenance services.
Project Manager – Installation Management Provides project leadership and is the point of contact for the client and the project team. Responsible for strategy to execute the project, budget and schedule control, team coordination, and quality control.

Foreman/Lead Installer/Relocation Coordinator
Professional in charge on-site with responsibility for pre-move planning and scheduling, building moves and consolidations, office reorganization moves, and move-day supervision that are typically coordinated with the Project Manager.

Office Relocator/Reconfigurations/Installers/Movers/Furniture and Property Professionals
Professionals responsible for working with a client’s existing furniture assets within the current location or relocating them to a new location. Takes direction from the Project Manager regarding phasing, disposition, and repairs through final punch list.

712-1 Project Management
Are you planning a move or office relocation? Slade can make the transition efficient, within budget, and without surprises. Whether relocating your existing furnishings or purchasing new furniture, our design team can space plan, lay out, and document furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) in AutoCAD to ensure everything fits in its place. Typical services include:
• Create as-built plans in AutoCAD for basis of work
• Create space plans that support the workplace goals and user needs
• Inventory Existing Required Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
• Coordinate New Required Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
• Schedule and coordinate with other trades: Movers, Installers, Electricians, IT, and Audio Visual
• Perform on-site supervision for installation
• Create punch list for any deficiencies
712-2 Assets Management
Do you have furniture and equipment that needs to be decommissioned or redeployed? How do you know if the furniture you have will fit into a new location? Slade can assist in the management of all furniture inventories. We can field verify any manufacturer’s furniture and create drawings and space plans in AutoCAD showing options for reuse. Typical services include:
• Create Existing Space Plans and Drawings of all Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
• Tag furniture for storage for future use and/or redeployment
• Inventory and Evaluation of all Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
• Disposal of old, damaged or otherwise non-useful furnishings
• Recycling of old, damaged or otherwise non-useful furnishings
712-3 Reconfiguration/Relocation/Installation Management
Have additional people been added to your department? Or maybe jobs have been eliminated and space and furnishings are no longer used? Slade can assist with Workplace Strategies to utilize existing assets in ways to better support the goals of the workplace and user needs. Typical services include:
• Interview Leadership on goals and objectives for each position
• Document necessary Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment by position
• Inventory and Evaluation of all Existing Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
712-4 Design/Layout
Are you building a new facility for your division? Slade registered designers and LEED APs can create the workplace strategy that supports communication and teamwork and enables collaboration and focus work while meeting the goals of the workplace. Typical services include:
• Interview leadership on goals and objectives for each position
• Document necessary Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment by position
• Coordination with architects, engineers, and other team members
• Creation of workflow plans
• Space plans
• Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment installation plans
• Detailed Specification of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
• Coordination with other trades; Movers, Installers, Electricians, IT, and Audio Visual

712-6 Assets Maintenance
Are you five years into a ten-year lease and thinking everything looks tired and dirty? Cubicle panels and upholstered seating accumulate dust, dirt, and oil from their users. Cleaning can be done on site with minimal disruption to maintain the value and aesthetic of existing Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. Our environmentally safe cleaning methods improve the indoor
air quality (LEED IEQ) of the spaces we service by eliminating harmful toxins, dust, and dirt from the environment. Typical services include:
• On site cleaning of office cubicle fabric panels
• On site cleaning of upholstered seating
• Miscellaneous repairs and refinishing of all types of furniture

Powertrain Transmission Addition Facility Furniture, Chairs, and Panels
Slade furnished and installed office furniture for Anniston Army Depot military base. Slade was the prime contractor on the winning team that was awarded space planning, ordering, and installing the furniture. The facility was a building that was a little over a year old.

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