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Oct 11 2016

Preparing to break ground? Have us out to take a look first.

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21150324 - researcher testing the water qualityAs a contractor, you’ve got lots of responsibility. Not only are you in charge of ensuring the structure you’re working on meets all codes and regulations, it also needs to be built out of sturdy materials, and foundations and walls must follow certain stipulations.

Just like the materials, foundation and construction play a role in structure of a home or building, so too do the surrounding areas. This includes the ground you’ll be breaking in, the water that runs through and near your building location, as well as any other minerals or elements that may be present in the soil without you knowing it.

Knowing what you’re working with is a great way to build confidence when preparing to invest in a build site.

For example, if you find out that chemicals like lead are present in the groundwater, you’ll probably want to build somewhere else. Why put the health of future workers or families at risk? At the same time, removing toxic chemicals can take months or even years. Isn’t it better to know this kind of information prior to a project starting, rather than later on down the road when you’re trying to meet a deadline?

Don’t start your next construction project without contacting the team here at Slade LLC first. We’ll work with you and your company to find a suitable build location. One that’s both beautiful and safe. Let’s get to work. Contact our team today!

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