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Jul 12 2016

Why build green? Let us count the ways

by admin in Demo

19628683 - cartoon of unbalance scale between nature and human constructionBuilding green simply makes good sense. Though the up-front costs may be a bit higher, the financial investment is well worth the future savings. There are incredible benefits for businesses (and homeowners) to consider building green when planning a new building project. The list of advantages is long and we at Slade would like to share a few of the reasons why you should consider going green for your next project.

  • Lower operating costs
    Green buildings typically utilize more energy efficient systems to both heat and cool structures. The long-term savings can be huge when added up over the lifetime of the building. The design of a green building will maximize cooling and heating to prevent unnecessary loss of cold or hot air, whatever the season. For example, LEED buildings will decrease energy costs by approximately 20% annually.
  • Higher value 
    A green building is often a more attractive option at the point of sale or lease. New tenants or owners will often be more likely to rent or buy a green building based on the cost-savings of operation alone. Green buildings also produce far fewer emissions than traditional structures which also makes them desirable within the growing market of eco-conscious consumers. The popularity of green buildings is rising rapidly; in 2005 only 2% of non-residential buildings were built with green goals in mind. By 2012 that number had risen to 41%; growth in this sector is projected to continue trending upward.
  • Environmental benefit
    The reduced emissions associated with green buildings are a huge boon to preventing pollution and enhancing the air quality in cities. The enormous impact of buildings on the environment can drastically be reduced by incorporating energy efficient design.
  • Reduced waste
    Green buildings often utilize recycled or eco-friendly materials that reduce the footprint of construction. Using fewer resources and minimizing construction waste can divert up to 80 million tons of material from landfills.
  • Lower water consumption
    Buildings use about 14% of all drinking water in the USA. Green buildings reduce water use and increase efficiency by using more water-wise fixtures and appliances. This is far better for the environment and also lowers operating costs. Even if you don’t have any construction plans slated for the future, it’s relatively simple to retrofit old homes and buildings with more energy efficient fixtures and appliances. A green retrofit can pay for itself in as few as seven years. Slade can help with your project management and general contracting needs. We have a great deal of experience with both urban planning and green building, we would love the opportunity to make your green dreams come true.