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Jun 14 2016

What is LEED certification?

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47656521_MSlade’s commitment to the environment is one of the foundations of our business. We envision a future in which our clients can achieve sustainability and environmental stewardship through innovation and our commitment to corporate responsibility. One of the many services offered by Slade is LEED certification for buildings and homes. What exactly is LEED certification?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it is the most widely used ranking system for green building certification across the globe. LEED buildings are energy and resource efficient, healthy and cost-effective. The construction of LEED buildings takes less of a toll on the environment and they are far more efficient and economical to run in the long term. LEED buildings saved business owners from an estimated $7261.21 million dollars in building maintenance costs in 2014. Construction waste is also cut down on buildings seeking LEED certification. Employees may also benefit from working in a healthier environment causing productivity to increase.

LEED buildings are judged on 6 different criteria that measure the environmental impact caused by the building.

  1. Sustainable sites – An evaluation of the use of the entire property and the building’s impact on the site will be conducted.
  2. Water efficiency – Water conservation practices both indoors and outdoors and the measures taken to reduce potable water use will be scored.
  3. Energy and atmosphere – An inspection will determine if the building optimizes energy efficiency and insulation in relation to heating and cooling systems.
  4. Materials and resources used – During LEED certification, an evaluation will take place regarding the selection of green products used in construction and the effort to reduce material waste during construction.
  5. Indoor environmental quality – An inspection will score the indoor air quality by monitoring pollution and use of Energy Star rated appliances, the installation methods used and the ventilation system.
  6. Innovation and design – Best practices will be evaluated, including innovative measures, design and exemplary features.

LEED organizes buildings into 4 tiers based on a point scale, Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Should you decide to go for LEED certification on your building project, Slade can provide an accredited LEED professional to guide you in filing an application. The process may seem overwhelming, but Slade has the experience to make LEED certification smooth.

May 24 2016

Charlotte in the summer: What to do?

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31423046_SIn addition to its home base in Birmingham, Alabama, Slade offers environmental consulting, urban planning and general contracting services out of Charlotte, North Carolina. We love to live and play in the Queen City and we’re thrilled about the plethora of activities in and around our beautiful town. We’ve come up with a few fun summer adventures for city dwellers, families or date nights.

Find inspiration for a great meal and support our local farmers by visiting one of the many farmers markets in Charlotte. Find the best local ingredients or just swing by for a snack and a great cup of coffee. Take the opportunity to meet your local farmers, as they love talking about their food and products! We recommend the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, the Atherton Mill Market and the Davidson Farmers Market.

Take the family or some friends out for a picnic in one of Charlotte’s many fine parks. We enjoy the quiet expanse of lawn in front of the Mint Museum in Uptown. After you’ve had your fill, enjoy free admission to the museum on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 to 9:00 PM. 

If a stroll to admire art at street level is more your speed, check out the cultural hub of NoDa along Davidson Street. Take advantage of the art crawl, held on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Tour some of the city’s finest galleries and grab a glass of wine afterwards at Dolce Vita.

Did you know that for national wine production North Carolina ranks ninth overall? With over 100 vineyards or wineries in the state Charlotte is close to acres of grapes where you can slow down and sample the region’s finest flavors. Check out the Treehouse Vineyard for great scenery, the charming tree house and a casual game of cornhole (with wine, of course).

Get yourself moving and explore one of the hiking trails or many parks in Charlotte. You’ll find beautiful views of the city on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. Or visit the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens on the shores of Lake Wylie, featuring 110 acres of jaw dropping greenery, fountains, themed gardens and an orchid conservatory.

Of course this is just a small list of the many opportunities to play and relax in Charlotte. We hope these adventures inspire you to get out and enjoy the fabulous culture and sights of our beautiful city!

May 11 2016

Going green isn’t just a good idea, it can also help you save money.

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48188157_SNow that the temperatures are starting to climb, and summer is right around the corner, you have probably started thinking about ways to save on energy costs.

While solutions like running fans, keeping the blinds closed, and wearing short-sleeved garments might save you a few bucks here and there, wouldn’t it be nice if you could run the air conditioning all day long, efficiently cooling each and every section of your home or office?

With a LEED certified remodel of your HVAC system, you could both decrease your carbon footprint and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars while comfortably regulating the temperature with just a few clicks of a thermostat.

Sound too good to be true? Fortunately, we can assure you that it isn’t. Our team of qualified construction professionals knows exactly what it takes to meet all LEED certifications while staying on budget.

An environmentally friendly HVAC system is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The air flow is unbeatable, keeping your commercial or residential building perfectly comfortable without kicking up any dust, pollen, or debris.

Stop putting up with coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes. You deserve comfort wherever you are, and it shouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg to have it. The team here at Slade LLC. is here to serve you, and we look forward to providing you with a relaxing and affordable space to get things done in.

Apr 12 2016

Why women-owned businesses make a difference

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Slade LLC_Women Owned Business_SignatureDid you know 9.87 million U.S. businesses are owned by women? That’s according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. It’s an incredible statistic that points to the entrepreneurial spirit of women around our country and to the economic impact women executives are having in states and communities.

Slade LLC is proud to have recently received Women Owned certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). This organization is among the largest U.S. certifiers of women-owned businesses, and it strives to promote diversity in the workplace. Why? “Diversity promotes innovation, opens new channels of revenue and creates partnerships, which provide opportunities that fuel the economy,” WBENC notes on its website.

If you or a woman in your life is interested in pursuing her dreams of building a business, some of the best resources available come from the U.S. Small Business Administration. You can find a number of helpful guidelines on its website, such as:

How to start a business. Learn how to write a business plan, identify the necessary licenses and permits you’ll need to obtain and follow all existing regulations for compliance.

How to pay for a business. Calculate the startup costs of your company and learn about the options available to you, including grants and venture capital.

How to expand a business. Decide when you need to begin hiring employees, determine best benefit packages, learn how to market your business to prospective customers and more.

How to prioritize professional development. Find a mentor or participate in online training to grow your skills and speed up the learning process.

Remember, some of the most enduring businesses around started with the dreams and aspirations of a single individual. How might you make a lasting impression on the economy—and inspire a generation of women professionals in the process?

Mar 22 2016

Kickstart spring with these fast facts about Birmingham

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Birmingham, Alabama, USAFor the past decade, Slade LLC has been serving many different industries with general contracting and environmental consulting out of its hometown of Birmingham, Ala.

As spring begins and you spend more time outdoors, we invite you to spend time in our city and discover why it’s a fantastic place to live and work. We think so much of it that we decided to share a few fast facts to provide some perspective on one of our favorite places in the U.S.

With a population of more than 212,000, Birmingham is a sizable city—the largest in Alabama. We’re also vibrant and young—more than one in five residents is under 18 years of age, meaning there are many families to support our local schools and future jobs that will be created here.

We also have an incredible array of technologically advanced businesses helping people improve their quality of life. For example, University Hospital is one of the top locations for kidney transplants anywhere in the world, according to

Our community is loyal to those who have made sacrifices to protect our personal freedoms: We are the home of the oldest Veterans Day celebration around.

This spring, we hope you take a moment to enjoy our region, whether you live here or are passing through on vacation. Birmingham, you make us proud.

Mar 08 2016

Seven ways Slade makes office moves easy

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17060973_SFew things in life are as stressful or as time-consuming as a big office move. Once you find a new location to transition into, it’s necessary to pack up all of your supplies, alert your customers to your new site and physically shuffle boxes from one location to the next.

Even more challenging to move are the massive desks, filing cabinets and tables that are commonplace in offices. These items not only are unwieldy and heavy, they also can pose a serious safety hazard to you and your colleagues if they are transported improperly.

At Slade, we’ve assisted on many office moves and understand just how many items are on your to-do list. We can make your transition efficient, affordable and predictable, all traits that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Whether you plan to relocate furniture or to purchase a new set, our design team has the expertise to plan all of the intricate details you’ll need for a successful transition, including fixtures and equipment. We do this using AutoCAD software, which helps us verify everything will settle in with plenty of space to spare.

Frequently during office moves, our team:

  1. Uses AutoCAD to design as-built plans
  2. Crafts space plans that align with your business goals
  3. Inventories existing furniture, fixtures and equipment that will move to the new location
  4. Coordinates the acquisition and placement of new furniture
  5. Schedules work in conjunction with movers, installers, electricians, IT experts and audio/visual professionals
  6. Performs on-site supervision during the installation process
  7. Creates a punch list outlining any deficiencies

If you’re ready to get started, the team at Slade is ready to help in any way. Call 866-925-5742 or visit our website.

Feb 23 2016

How to successfully relocate to a new office building

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Happy team of businesspeople moving office, packing boxes, smilingMoving is never an easy task for homeowners, much less business owners. You have to plan several steps in advance, ensuring you’ve got the new location under contract, the boxes packed and the people in place to make the transition a success.

At Slade LLC, we understand what a complicated process moving can be. Our team specializes not only in general contracting and environmental consulting, but also in project management as your company opens the doors to a new facility. Our design team is equipped to map the spaces in which you’ll work, document furniture and equipment and create as-built plans in AutoCAD.

We can provide other services, too. They include:

  • Coordinating new required furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Scheduling the work of movers, installers, electricians, IT personnel and audio-visual specialists
  • Performing on-site supervision for installation
  • Creating punch lists for any work that still must be completed

Let Slade LLC take some of the stress out of moving and you’ll quickly discover the peace of mind that comes from focusing only on the factors critical to your transition. We’ll take care of the details.

Feb 09 2016

How to find a contractor you’ll love to work with

by admin in Demo

romance concept of architectural building plan with sky illustrationHiring a basic general contractor requires time, planning and research. Yet to hire a truly great general contractor, it’s critical to identify a firm you’ll love working with. Whether you will be collaborating on a building project or an environmental initiative, the fact is you and your contractor will be spending plenty of quality time together.

As we reflect on love and Valentine’s Day during the month of February, we want to suggest you take that theme and direct it toward love of craft and a professionally run worksite. How can you find a contractor who not only is qualified to manage your next project but is committed to excellence at every stage of the process?

The answer is that if you work in Birmingham, Charlotte or any of the other U.S. communities we serve, Slade LLC is a winning solution. We want to earn your trust, and we think you’ll fall head over heels for our credentials:

  • We do business successfully, safely and effectively.
  • We are a minority woman-owned business.
  • We specialize in four key areas: environmental and infrastructure, construction, urban planning and civil professional services.
  • We believe in operating a highly ethical company that aims to improve customers’ bottom lines while producing zero defects.
  • We recruit only the most talented team members.
  • We promote sustainable and environmentally conscious development at every opportunity.

It’s our hope these traits point to just a few of the values we hold closest. We’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about your next project and show you how we can be your partner in business. Call 866-925-5742 or email You’ll love what you discover!

Jan 26 2016

Does my environmental consulting firm measure up?

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Slade LLC_EnvironmentSustainable building and development is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. As our communities grow, it’s critical for us to use finite resources in a way that respects our neighbors and the surrounding environment.

More designers, contractors and other building professionals are recognizing that reality. For example, a new study titled “World Green Building Trends 2016” predicts that in just a couple of years, more firms will have 60 percent or more of their work in green-certified projects than ever before—up to 33 percent from just 17 percent at present.

As your business thinks ahead to its next building project, use the following checklist to identify environmental consulting firms with true depth in the area of green development. Core competencies should include:

  • Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments,
  • Ground water and soil testing,
  • Asbestos inspections
  • Lead inspections
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Remediation
  • Restoration
  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment
  • Hydrogeological characterization
  • Remedial design and engineering
  • Compliance
  • Environmental permitting
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency
  • LEED accreditation
  • Environmental litigation

At Slade LLC, we’re proud to say our team is skilled in these areas and eager to help with your next project. If you’re looking for qualified environmental consulting services, we’d welcome the opportunity to visit with you about your business needs. Call us at 866-925-5742 or email

Jan 13 2016

Three sustainability trends for your business in 2016

by admin in Demo

young environmental activist in the forest wearing a green recycle t-shirtAs the new year gets underway, many individuals and businesses understandably are setting goals for the months ahead. People seek ways to improve themselves and advance their careers. Companies look for ways to improve branding and find new markets.

It’s an exciting time but also a daunting time.

At Slade LLC, we have found that a focus on sustainability can do incredible things for your company. Check out the photo gallery on our website or read our description of available services and you’ll discover an emphasis on things such as LEED accreditation, soil testing and energy efficiency. People want reassurance their actions are in keeping with strict standards to safeguard nature, and we help them do that routinely.

If you want to implement a focus on sustainability at your business in 2016, here are three trends you should know as shared by Inc., SolarCity and the Ethical Corporation.

  1. Self-reporting will be king. Don’t wait until the government or another regulator asks you to report on ways in which you’re sustainable. Identify industry protocols such as those provided by the Global Reporting Initiative and outline in detail the ways you’re promoting corporate sustainability.
  2. Going green will support sales. Various studies suggest Americans are willing to pay (see this PDF) for products or services whose creators make a conscious effort toward sustainable business practices. Find ways to weave sustainability into the fabric of your business, then tell customers how you did it.
  3. Traceability will rise in popularity. The ability to source ingredients and other components of a product back to their origins will continue to be an emphasis from food production to manufacturing of furniture. Review your supply chain for opportunities to enhance sustainable production.

All of us at Slade wish you a happy new year and a bright, sustainable future.